The Pond

December 2018
Glavé Kocen Gallery
Richmond, VA

“The Pond” is a musical collaboration between BJ Kocen and Steve Bassett. Its a themed group of songs whose impetus sprung from experiences Steve had hanging with a group of friends who shared the notion of getting still, bloom peace in the heart and then spread around that peace, love, and compassion. BJ says “That notion, as we wrote songs in Steve's Studio nestled on a lovely Horse Farm next to a sacred Indian burial ground, became instilled in me and rekindled in Steve. We were writing, recording, communing and giggling.” BJ has invited a select group of artists to listen to the music and paint from what it inspires. Krista is excited to participate!

Recent Exhibitions

2018     Tiny Tiny Trifecta, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA 

2018     NIH Fine Arts Program, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 

2018     Summer in the City, Glavé Kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA 

2018     Immersion, Glavé Kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA | view the catalog

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